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We are looking to partner with outgoing, self-driven, enthusiastic sales representatives with hands-on B2B sales experience to introduce our new B2B marketplace to brick & mortar and eCommerce retailers.

Diapers in Packs/Masterbag

We sell diapers in a different packaging for different markets. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, or broker, we can assist you in making sure you get the best quality of products.

Large Bales Baby Diapers 200-500kg

We have our own custom balling machines capable of producing bales to suit your needs. Please inquire about our small bales, custom packaging to determine the best efficient product distribution to your clients.

Diaper Manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process is very easy, and we guarantee the best quality diapers on the market.

A few things we’re great at

We supply small and medium-sized businesses and verified international importers of baby products. We guarantee the best quality incontinence adult products. Buyers can access multiple products at wholesale costs. We are giving you the opportunity to be more competitive locally and globally.

General Packaging of Large Bales

We also carry big bales, medium, and small. Depending on your capacity, and desired market, you can contact us to discuss the best logistical moves to facilitate the transaction.

Custom Bale Packaging

Our custom bales provide cost efficient logistical advantage. No repacking necessary.

Custom Bale Packaging

In a custom bale, diapers are mixed, varied from small to xLarge, and come in different colors.

Quality, capacity, variety

We are one of the leading global suppliers with over 20 years of experience in diaper manufacturing, and distribution. We have agents around the world.

Container Load / Diapers Pack

We are one of the nation’s largest suppliers of diapers in bulk.

Great Quality/Maximum Absorbency

We are one of the largest suppliers of diapers in bulk at wholesale prices.

Diapers in clear bag / Baby Diapers

We guarantee the best quality and prices of diapers in bulk .

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