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A few things we’re great at

Our involvement in many sectors and different markets is supported by a dedicated, group-wide Sales and Marketing division. Our team has specialist knowledge in personal care manufacturing and extensive industry contacts in and around the personal care industry.

Our sales and marketing expertise is there not just to support our own operations, but to provide active support to our customers and partners. From market research to product development and sourcing, right through to in-market communications, Penny Diapers sales and marketing professionals can deliver it all. We have an international presence with qualified experts willing to assist and facilitate any transaction.

We export Diapers in bulk. We are a big exporting company here in the USA and can supply various quantities in large containers to interested buyers.

Our line of products

We have a huge focus on R&D, creating innovative solutions to technical challenges. That’s why we have such strong business partnerships around the globe. With around 50% of our sales in Latin America and the Caribbean region, we also export to Africa, South America and Europe.

Baby Nappy

Baby Training Pants

Premium Baby Diaper

Panty Liner

Premium Sanitary Napkin

Premium Toilette Tissue

Sanitary Napkin

Adult Diapers

Disposable Underpads

You can request samples from our line of products. 

We are experts in selling baby diapers.


Why to choose us

Are you looking for a place to buy diapers in bulk? As a business owner, you know just how quickly babies can go through diapers. You also know that quality diapers make the entire process that much easier. The good news is that Penny Diapers offer a great selection of items from some of the best brands around.









Our sales team respond– within 24 hours! 
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This is one of the things we do best

With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to our website in search for information about diapers, and personal care products.

Feminine Pads

These days, women have many options for feminine pads when dealing with their unique needs. Our feminine pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Diapers & Quality

The best disposable diapers, which proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to get high quality diapers.

Choosing our diapers

The choice that gives you affordable diaper prices without sacrificing quality.

A few of our in house brands

The choice that gives you affordable diaper prices without sacrificing quality.

Bravo  Design

In House baby diapers brand

MVB Baby Diapers 

In House baby diapers brand

Adult Briefs – Kozy

In House adult briefs