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How Johnson & Johnson overhauled its baby care supply chain

How Johnson & Johnson overhauled its baby care supply chain Global consolidation meant ensuring consistent formulations, fewer ingredients and fewer suppliers. AUTHOR Deborah Abrams Kaplan@kaplanink PUBLISHED Sept. 25, 2018 Johnson & Johnson’s grip on the baby care product market began 124 years ago, when it introduced its baby powder line. Since then, they continued adding…
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Penny Diapers, Inc. Efficient Logistics

Efficient Logistics The logistic team’s work is mainly focused on optimizing the incoming and outgoing management of goods and the selection of transporters, focusing on the quality / price ratio that allowed an improvement in the level of customer service at 99.20 % on delays / cancellations. In logistics we load an average of 4,000…
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The Baby Diaper Market

Technology innovation and high growth markets continue to propel the baby diaper market forward. Tim Wright, Editor01.07.13 In the baby diaper market these days there is a clear trend towards comfort and thinness. Technology advances have allowed diaper manufacturers to solve all sorts of wetness and leakage issues. While a body-hugging fit helps prevent leakage,…
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P&G Enhances Pampers Pure Diapers

10.28.20 Following a recent Pampers survey that found that 80% of moms indicated they preferred a diaper enriched with shea butter, Procter & Gamble’s Pampers Pure diapers have been enhanced with a plant-based liner, enriched with shea butter, designed to protect and care for baby’s skin. Pampers knows that 75% of parents agree they are passionate about the materials that…
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Unicharm to Launch Recycled Diaper in 2022

Japanese company also plans to operate 10 recycling facilities by 2030 11.23.20 Unicharm will turn used diaper material into new diapers which will be available on the market in 2022. Pulp from used diapers will be extracted and repurposed in new diapers. The Japanese company also plans to introduce more than 10 diaper recycling facilities…
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Drylock Introduces Paper Bag Diaper Packaging

Drylock Introduces Paper Bag Diaper Packaging Innovation will soon be launched at EU retailers 11.05.20 Drylock Technologies, a manufacturer of personal hygiene products, has introduced the first paper packaging for baby diapers. This world-class innovation, soon-to-be launched at several European retailers, aims to meet the needs of both customers and consumers for more environmentally friendly…
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Playtex debuts the Diaper Genie II

Playtex debuts the Diaper Genie II By Michael Johnsen – 09/08/2008 Get great content like this right in your inbox. Subscribe WESTPORT, Conn. Playtex Infant Care, a division of Energizer Personal Care, on Monday introduced the Diaper Genie II Elite Advanced Disposal System, which helps control odors in nurseries. The new product uses Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial which…
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